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"You can change your life
in a dance class.”

Royston Maldoom, dancer and choreographer
(e.g. „Rhythm is it“, Berliner Philharmoniker, 2004)


The donation-based cultural project HUMAN [ˈhjuːmən] invites people to use music, community dance and many other forms of expression to make a visionary, powerful and moving statement for more humanity and peaceful coexistence.

The idea for HUMAN developed from visits and conversations of the project initiator and composer Helge Burggrabe in a school in Brussels-Molenbeek. After the attacks, questions such as: What do all people have in common - independent of tradition, culture, lifestyle or world view? How can visionary, literally moving and powerful signs for more humanity in the sense of UN human rights be set with as many people as possible across countries?

As the "basic melody" for HUMAN, Helge Burggrabe composed the "HUMAN Suite for Orchestra" in 2020. The 13 pieces of music thematise in a nuanced, forceful and powerful way central values of life that unite all people, such as freedom, equality, community, home, love ...  The 60-minute composition was recorded under the direction of the British conductor Duncan Ward with the German Chamber Orchestra Berlin, the Canadian-Palestinian pianist John Kameel Farah and Elbtonal Percussion by the renowned label BERLIN CLASSICS; the HUMAN musical work will be released worldwide on CD and as a streaming on 16 April 2021.

In addition to concert HUMAN orchestral performances, a special project focus is on the interpretation of the "HUMAN Suite" in dance. Community dance in particular offers a wide range of possibilities to express life values and longings in a moving way with the HUMAN sounds, in order to call for people to get involved. The internationally renowned choreographer couple Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt (www.de-loopers.eu) are therefore developing the HUMAN Community Dance choreography with the ideational support of the world-famous choreographer Royston Maldoom (film "Rhythm is it").

From 2021 to 2023, Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt will realise HUMAN project weeks with their pedagogical-artistic concept "Five days to dance" not only in schools in Europe. It would be wonderful if the HUMAN vision could be used in as many project weeks as possible, in lessons, in camps ... in as so many countries as possible!

A variety of performances and events are planned for 2023 to mark the 75th anniversary of UN human rights, including a large HUMAN community dance performance.

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