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Project Management

Helge Burggrabe.Portrait19.3.Foto Andrea Friederichs du Maire
Helge Burggrabe
HUMAN Initiator and Composer of the HUMAN Suite for orchestra and percussion

Carries out international cultural projects that combine music, dance, literature and light art with one another.

Elisabeth Bremekamp
HUMAN Projektmanagement

Networking focussing on German-speaking countries, educational projects, press/media relations ...

Frauke Lietz
Committee member of the project organiser musica innova e.V., networking focussing on the civil-social-political sphere
Nanni Kloke
Nanni Kloke
Choreography Team HUMAN

Dancer (for the Royal Ballet of Flanders and others), dancing teacher, member of the International Dance Council CID – UNESCO

Sonja und Nikolai
Sonja Rogalski and Nikolai Keller
Team for social media | Instagram and Facebook


Who is part of the HUMAN team and developed the HUMAN Community Dance premiere choreography?

Wilfried van Poppel
Choreography HUMAN and head of HUMAN school projects

Dancer and choreographer (for Bremen Theatre and others), Artistic director "DE LooPERS-dance2gether", initiator of the successful "Five Days to Dance" concept.

Amaya Lubeigt
Choreography HUMAN and head of HUMAN school projects

Dancer (with Urs Dietrich, Susanne Linke, Pina Bausch and others), initiator of the successful "Five Days to Dance concept".

Susanne Krämer
Author of the script "HUMAN and the COMPASS Handbook. The companion for your HUMAN project" (in german language)

manages the project "Mindfulness in Education and Higher Education Culture (ABiK)" at the Centre for Teacher and School Research at the University of Leipzig, coordinator of the research network "Mindfulness in Education"; book publication: "Wache Schule. With Mindfulness and Presence" (2019).

Pierre Stutz
Author of the book „Menschlichkeit JETZT!“ with lyrics and poems to the 13 HUMAN music pieces and caligraphies by Helge Burggrabe (in german language)

is a Swiss theologian, spiritual teacher and best-selling author, his more than 40 books have been translated into six languages.

Gerhard Ziener
Author of the script "HUMAN. The topic of humanity in the classroom. Impulses based on the book 'Menschlichkeit JETZT!' in connection with COMPASS. Handbook on human rights education for school and out-of-school educational work". (in german language)

is a lecturer at the ptz in Stuttgart, focusing on secondary level I, confessional cooperation, methodology and didactics of competence-oriented teaching and learning; author of specialist publications and textbooks.


Who performed the HUMAN concert at the Community Dance premiere in Bremen?

Julio Fernández
Dirigent, HUMAN Tanz-Premiere Bremen

Works with well-known orchestras and choirs, his repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music.

Konsonanz-2019_(c)_ClaudiaBeisswanger (120)
Kammerensemble Konsonanz
HUMAN Dance Premiere in Bremen

Formed in 2014, ensemble with professional string instrumentalists from 17 nations, rich cross-cultural and cross-epochal repertoire.

John Kameel Farah
John Kameel Farah
Pianist, HUMAN CD and HUMAN Dance Premiere in Bremen

Combines classical music with improvisation, Middle Eastern and electronic music.

Elbtonal Percussion (D)
Percussion, HUMAN CD and Premiere Bremen

A creative percussion quartet (classical music, jazz and international music) with performances worldwide.


Who has taken part in the HUMAN Community Dance premieres at the Bremen Theatre (August 2021) and the Royal Flemish Theatre (September 2021)?

Nanni Kloke
Nanni Kloke
Choreography Team HUMAN

Dancer (for the Royal Ballet of Flanders and others), dancing teacher, member of the International Dance Council CID – UNESCO

Susan Barnett
Susan Barnett
Choreography Team HUMAN

Dancer, dance teacher, artistic support (Theatre Bremen and others). DE LooPERS Team member for DE LooPERS-“Five Days to Dance” projects.


Who was accompanying the HUMAN Community Dance choreography premiere?

Royston Maldoom
Artistic choreographic support

Directs community dance projects worldwide that focus on deprived areas. Has been active to date in 28 countries and partnered with renowned orchestras (e.g. the Rhythm Is It project, with the Berlin Philharmonic, 2004).