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“To dance with each other is an ideal platform to meet in open-mindedness, respect and acceptance."
Wilfried van Poppel
Choreographer of HUMAN Communtiy Dance-Premiere and director of HUMAN school projects "Five days to dance".


From the very beginning, HUMAN initiator and composer Helge Burggrabe had a special focus on transforming the HUMAN orchestral work into dance. Especially the form of community dance invites people - independent of previous knowledge in dance, of age, traditions and lifestyles, of national, cultural or religious affiliation - to move the basic themes of being human in the literal sense.

The HUMAN Community Dance performance at the Bremen Theatre and the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels (summer 2021) under the leadership of the international team of choreographers around Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt demonstrated how this can be possible (cf. premiere film).

While the age range in Bremen was from 12 to over 70, in Brussels around 60 young people from many different nations interpreted 11 of the 13 HUMAN themes in a way that was both sensitive and powerful.


Where is the HUMAN music available?

The sixty-minute HUMAN Music is recorded on CD/Vinyl and is also available digitally (Edel music/Neue Meister; amazon, spotify).

Is there a film document of the Bremen Community Dance premiere?

Here you can find the Link to the complete recording of the premiere on 27 augsut 2021 at the Bremen Theatre

The short film clips with commentary on dance impressions mark the stages of the HUMAN Community Dance premiere.

Are choreography notes available for the Community Dance premiere?

Wilfried van Poppel (NL) and Amaya Lubeigt (Esp) explain the main ideas of their community dance choreography at the premiere in Bremen/Brussels in the HUMAN dance script“. A preview of the script can be found here.

The manual also offers links to audio examples and dance impressions and can be ordered for free as a download in the HUMAN project office.

Are there guidelines for the interpretation of HUMAN music in dance?

Choreographers, dancers, dance teachers ... can interpret HUMAN music with their own varied ideas.
We are very happy to receive information about the conception of HUMAN music and to include the performance dates of public performances in the HUMAN calendar ().

How can schools combine HUMAN music with movement/dance?

  • Movement and dance to HUMAN music offer - not only in the subjects of music and sport - a creative, playful introduction to the basic themes of being human and human rights.
  • A school project week could concentrate on the preparation and creation of a school-internal or public HUMAN dance performance - in which the HUMAN music is sounded on CD or in which the school orchestra plays live.
  • The HUMAN music can inspire the production of a community dance choreography: developed together with the pupils or by the teachers. This can be done without a licence.
  • HUMAN choreographers can be invited and engaged for a "Five days to dance project week" at the school. This intensive educational-artistic project week is completed with a school-internal or public HUMAN Community Dance performance. Between 50 and 120 pupils can take part in such a HUMAN Community Dance project week; the number of participating choreographers varies with the number of participants.

The project office is happy to receive further ideas and experiences, publish them on the HUMAN website with the school name/author, as well as to put you in touch with the HUMAN choreographer team.

Has there already been experience with HUMAN Community Dance projects in schools?

Yes, there have already been a number of "HUMAN Five-days-to-Dance-Projects" in schools under the direction of Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt (D, ESP, P). There is also experience with inclusive HUMAN community dance projects, including a performance at the First European Inclusive Congress in Zurich (june 2022) and also in Palestine (july 2022).