Living human rights yourself!

An appeal by the Artistic Director of HUMAN at the beginning of the anniversary year of UN Human Rights (1948-2023)

Today, the HUMAN Team would like to recall not only the UN Human Rights but also the "Universal Declaration of Human Duties and Responsibilities", which was published 25 years ago by former high-ranking heads of state and government as a supplement to the UN Human Rights. 

The 19 articles of this declaration urgently call upon all religions and cultures to see everyone as a fellow human being and to act accordingly: The Declaration is a brilliant appeal for more humanity! 

With the HUMAN cultural project, we want to bring the important link between "human rights and human duties" (Aleida Assmann) to life in a variety of ways. In today's world, we see this as both a challenging task and a great opportunity.  

We warmly invite you to become active yourself, to take up the impulses of the HUMAN international cultural project and to set creative, powerful signs for more humanity and peaceful coexistence! 

With its orchestral music, dance choreography, ideas on human rights education or the book "Menschlichkeit JETZT!" (Humanity NOW!), HUMAN offers various points of contact that can inspire. 

One year from today, on 10 December 2023, the world will be looking back on the declaration of UN Human Rights 75 years ago. 

Until then, let's set the markers together for more humanity!

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