HUMAN concert at the Berlin Philharmonie

Berliner Philharmonie Jorge Franganillo/wikimedia(CC-BY 3.)

The new orchestral composition HUMAN by Helge Burggrabe will celebrate its concert premiere on 16 May 2021 in the great hall of the Berlin Philharmonie. For this premiere the instrumentation of the CD recording could be won: The German Chamber Orchestra Berlin, Elbtonal Percussion and the Canadian-Palestinian pianist John Kameel Farah will play under the direction of British conductor Duncan Ward. In addition, film actress Julia Jentsch will read excerpts from the UN Human Rights as well as lyrical texts on basic themes such as freedom, equality, home, protection and love, which are the themes of the musical work HUMAN. The HUMAN CD will be released by the label Berlin Classics on April 16, 2021.

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