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Listen to HUMAN music online now: "Home"
The track "Home" of the HUMAN Suite by Helge Burggrabe can already be heard online in a music video ...
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HUMAN concert at the Berlin Philharmonie
The new orchestral composition HUMAN by Helge Burggrabe will celebrate its concert premiere on 16 May 2021 in the great hall of the Berlin Philharmonie ...
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Handing over of the HUMAN-Suite to the Bremen team
In a late summer atmosphere, the team of the Bremen premiere met with composer Helge Burggrabe. He presented the new compositions on the 13 basic themes of HUMAN ...
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HUMAN composition recorded on CD
Another giant step has been taken for the HUMAN project, because in mid-August the new HUMAN orchestral composition by Helge Burggrabe was recorded at renowned Berlin-based studio b-sharp ...
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Erasmus funding approved for HUMAN school projects
The EU has announced that Erasmus funding will be available for HUMAN themes as the focus of pan-European Five Days to Dance school projects starting in February 2021 ...
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HUMAN premiere in Bremen
6 and 7 March 2021 (Sat and Sun)

The two performances on Saturday (7 p.m.) and Sunday (11 a.m.) promise to be an impressive combination of contemporary music by Helge Burggrabe and community dance, directed by Wilfried van ...

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