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HUMAN School Start in Valencia
HUMAN Five Days to Dance Week in Valencia was finally able to take plac, kick-off of the Erasmus+ programme on HUMAN themes
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"Community". Listen to HUMAN music online now
The HUMAN music piece "Community" is a joyful invitation to believe confidently in the potential of community
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"Love": Listen to HUMAN music online now
they are four minutes that say more than many words about love
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First HUMAN Dance Impressions
With poetical moving dance scenes to the HUMAN Suite, the film opens doors into the " studio " of the leading HUMAN choreographers Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt.
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HUMAN Film from the recording studio
With inspiring and informative images, our new "HUMAN" trailer "takes you away" to the CD recording session in Berlin ...
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Listen to HUMAN music online now: "Home"
The track "Home" of the HUMAN Suite by Helge Burggrabe can already be heard online in a music video ...
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