/ Concept


Phase I:
Premieres in Bremen, Brussels and Berlin in 2021

The choreographer couple Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt (DE LooPERS-dance2gether) create the unique HUMAN community dance choreography together with Nanni Kloke and Susan Barnett.
The basis for this is the musical work for orchestra and percussion composed especially for HUMAN by Helge Burggrabe, which addresses basic themes and life values of being human such as freedom, home, equality, love, work, creativity or community.

Three world premieres mark the HUMAN Year 2021:

28 and 29 August 2021, Bremen
Enthusiasts and committed people of all ages will express the essentials of UN human rights in community dance for the first time to the HUMAN composition at the Theater Bremen.
Choreography: Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt & DE LooPERS-Team
Participants: Konsonanz Chamber Ensemble, Johan Kameel Farah, Elbtonal Percussion Quartet.
Conductor: Julio Fernandez.

24 September 2021, Brussels-Molenbeek
After three weeks of intensive rehearsal with the DE LooPERS team, this is the first time students interpret all 13 themes of the HUMAN composition in a rousing community dance performance, calling for engagement.

26 September 2021, Berlin
HUMAN concert premiere in the great hall of the Philharmonie

Unfortunately, the concert had to be cancelled due to the current Corona situation and the associated planning uncertainty and will be postponed to spring/summer 2022! The new date will be announced here soon.


Phase II:
In European countries and beyond

School projects 2021 to 2023

With their concept "Five days to dance", the two choreographers Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt bring the HUMAN vision to many schools in Europe and beyond. Because they are convinced: "Dancing with each other is an ideal platform to meet in openness, respect and acceptance."

Accompanying the pedagogical-artistic project week, human rights issues are addressed. The week ends with a public HUMAN Community Dance performance by the young people, so that the audience is also encouraged to discuss the fundamental values of life that unite all people.

School projects are planned in different countries, which will be linked by train-the-trainer programmes. In this way, a network of actors will be created who know how to sustainably unite in the power of dialogue about the essentials of being human and in joint creative expression and commitment.


Phase III, 2023
HUMAN 'Finale' 

Many offers and activities will shape the year 2023. For 75 years after the declaration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, it is important to set special accents for the message of peace, especially with young people. It is planned, for example, that young people from participating HUMAN school projects from many countries will give a clear signal for the present and the future in a large community dance performance.

Where freedom and human dignity are protected, the way is open for peaceful visions, for creativity and a powerful, life-affirming coexistence.