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In the spirit of democracy and human rights education, HUMAN aims to encourage, enable and inspire young people to commit themselves with heart, mind and soul to live together in respect, tolerance and shared responsibility.

The 'heart' of HUMAN is the expressive HUMAN Suite for orchestra and percussion by Helge Burggrabe. This new composition 'resounds' in 13 musical pieces with life values and longings that connect people of all generations, cultures, living conditions and world views on this earth. The guiding principles are UN human rights and the "Earth Charter", which is an inspiring vision for the development of a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century.

In schools, HUMAN offers a variety of impulses for dealing with the basic issues of human beings: from a single project day to (interdisciplinary) lessons with a link to human rights issues, to a school project week which could, for example, culminate in a dance performance. HUMAN themes can also shape international student encounters.

The year 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The 10th of December each year is "Human Rights Day".

The will be happy to support you with information, materials and contacts for your HUMAN initiatives and projects in your school.

How can a school participate in HUMAN?

It is possible to participate without applying at any time.

As a teacher, school management or teaching staff, you can decide in which way and to which extent you want to take up the topic of human rights.

The aim of the project is to 'move' the content of human rights in as many places as possible, especially with children and young people, and to foster social engagement for more humanity in this way.

The projects that have been carried out can be published by name on the HUMAN website as an inspiration for others. Please send your proposals to the .

What approaches are offered by HUMAN in school?

The HUMAN project offers three approaches which can be pursued individually, but they can also be linked together:

  • access via HUMAN music: HUMAN music as a basis.
  • connecting HUMAN music and dance: the implementation of HUMAN themes in movement and dance, especially with community dance.
  • HUMAN and human rights education: an exploratory, experiential reflection of HUMAN themes.

How can human music be used in schools?

In 13 short pieces of music, the music expresses important HUMAN themes with their nuances forcefully and powerfully, also in their tensions. In a special way, the music shows what, for example, freedom and lack of freedom, equality and inequality or even home and homelessness can mean. Dimensions of the rights to work, to recreation or creativity as well as fraternity are also touched upon in the music.

Among many possibilities to take HUMAN music as a starting point or to put it at the centre, four can be mentioned:

  • HUMAN music/single pieces of HUMAN music can be used in many subjects: for example, as a creative introduction, to discuss selected human rights, for example the causes/effects of seeking refuge, the significance/dimensions of work, freedom of the press, inclusion, etc.
  • HUMAN music can also be an inspirational tool for activities in the visual arts.
  • A thematic and music-analytical study in music is also possible.
  • The school orchestra can rehearse the HUMAN music and invite others to a concert, a concert reading (e.g. with texts on human rights issues) or to a music and dance performance.

The is happy to receive further ideas and experiences. They can be published on the HUMAN website with the name of the author/school.

Which materials are available on HUMAN music? Which are planned?

  • The HUMAN Youtube channel and the HUMAN website offer music videos on selected pieces of HUMAN music, with more to follow successively.
  • The HUMAN CD trailer can also be seen here, in which the composer Helge Burggrabe and the British conductor of the CD recording, Duncan Ward, describe their perspectives on the composition.
  • Helge Burggrabe's reflections on the 13 HUMAN pieces are published in English on the website. The booklet texts in German, French, Dutch and Spanish are available from the project office as pdf files on request.
  • Videos with short explanations by the composer of the 13 pieces of music will be available on the HUMAN YouTube channel and the HUMAN website in August 2021.
  • Interested schools can obtain the HUMAN CD from the (special price: 12.00 € per copy plus delivery). The world-wide release of the HUMAN CD/Vinyl has been published be by the label EDEL Kultur/Neue Meister on 27 August 2021.
  • The HUMAN score for conductors of school orchestras can be obtained from the from August 2021 onwards.

Why does it make sense to link the music of Human with movement and dance?

From the very beginning, composer Helge Burggrabe had a special focus on translating the HUMAN music into dance. The form of community dance in particular invites people - regardless of previous dance experience, age, traditions and lifestyles, national, cultural or religious affiliation - to move the basic issues of the human being in the most literal sense.

"Those who can dance with each other can also live with each other," says world-renowned choreographer Royston Maldoom, who artistically accompanies the HUMAN Community Dance choreography. 

In the school, how can HUMAN music be joined with movement and dance?

At this point we would like to give you some information and suggestions:

  • Movement and dance to HUMAN music provide a creative, enjoyable approach to basic human rights issues - not only in the subjects of music and sport. The script "HUMAN Community Dance" offers pedagogical suggestions. It will be available as a free download on the HUMAN website from August 2021.
  • A project week can focus on the preparation and creation of a school or public HUMAN dance performance - in which HUMAN music is played on CD or in which the school orchestra plays live.
  • The HUMAN music can be the inspiration for the development of a community dance choreography: together with the pupils or by teachers. This is possible without licence fees.
  • HUMAN choreographers can be invited and engaged for a "Five days to dance project week" at the school. This intensive pedagogical-artistic project week is rounded off with an internal or public HUMAN Community Dance performance. Between 50 and 120 pupils can take part in such a HUMAN Community Dance project week; the number of participating choreographers varies with the number of participants.

The will gladly accept further ideas and publish them on the HUMAN website with the school name/author.

Is there any HUMAN community dance choreography?


A HUMAN Community Dance choreography is being developed by the successful international choreographer team around Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt with Nanni Kloke and Susan Barnett; they are supported in their ideas by the world-famous choreographer Royston Maldoom (film "Rhythm is it").

The HUMAN Community Dance premiere will be at the Theater Bremen under the direction of Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt (28/29 August 2021).

HUMAN music, movement/dance: Which materials are available, which are being prepared?

  • First HUMAN dance impressions of the HUMAN choreography team to HUMAN music pieces can already be seen on the HUMAN YouTube channel and website, more will follow.
  • The script "HUMAN Community Dance" will offer educators a diversity of ideas for expressing/interpreting basic themes of being human with students through movement. The script is being developed by HUMAN choreographer Nanni Kloke together with Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt and will be available as a free download on the HUMAN website from August 2021.
  • Short films with ideas from the HUMAN Choreographers will be available on the HUMAN website from October 2021.

Which HUMAN materials on human rights education exist/are planned?

Aspects and topics of human rights are included in the curricula of almost all subjects. The existing materials from institutes and organisations are correspondingly rich and varied; references can be found under Network and further down on this page.

With a view to project-specific materials on HUMAN topics for schools, some notes are given below:

  • The HUMAN project would like to promote interdisciplinary human rights education. Therefore, the script "HUMAN Human Rights Education" with didactic-methodical ideas is currently being developed. The script is intended as an orientation aid and a pool of suggestions to encourage thematic approaches and to put them into practice in one's own school culture. The script contains concrete pedagogical-didactic suggestions for implementing the project and refers to texts, exercises and materials that fit the content, such as those in the "COMPASS. A Manual on Human Rights Education with young people" and other publications. The author is Susanne Krämer from the Centre for Teacher Education and School Research/University of Leipzig. The script will be available free of charge in the download area of the HUMAN website from August 2021.
  • The book "Menschlichkeit JETZT!" by Pierre Stutz and Helge Burggrabe is written in German and based on the 13 basic themes of the HUMAN project. With short texts and numerous references to initiatives or films, the book offers information and ideas also for young people. (Patmos Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8436-1251-7, price per copy 10,00 €, class discount will be granted; purchase: and in bookshops).
  • The script "Menschlichkeit JETZT!" contains methodological-didactic suggestions and teaching proposals for working with the book "Menschlichkeit JETZT! The main focus is on the humanities subject "Religions", "Ethics" and "Philosophy". The script is being prepared by Gerhard Ziener from the Pedagogical-Theological Centre Stuttgart. The script will be published in August 2021 and will be available free of charge in the download area of the HUMAN website.

Is an exchange between schools engaged in HUMAN planned?


Experiences, ideas and activities in the way of texts and videos can be published on the HUMAN website via the to inspire and network.

An online conference to exchange experiences and best practice examples is also planned.

Is the HUMAN project limited in time?

Yes and no!

10 December 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, many HUMAN activities are moving towards this year - even though the commitment to life rights in the sense of Albert Schweitzer is of course not time-barred:
"I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live".

Where to get more information?

Elisabeth Bremekamp informs, networks and supports the activities.

Nanni Kloke is contact person for international contacts and community dance.

Project Office: