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In the face of stirring global events, the civil society cultural project HUMAN [ˈhjuːmən] invites people to set varied, powerful and creative accents for more humanity. Initiator and artistic director of the project is the composer Helge Burggrabe (*1973).

"It is," says Helge Burggrabe, "absolutely necessary and at the same time a wonderful opportunity to use the universal language and power of music to set many distinctive and powerful signs for more humanity and peaceful coexistence across all borders."

On the way to the anniversary year 2023: 75 years of UN human rights (1948-2023).

To this end, he composed the "HUMAN Music Work for Orchestra and Percussion" (60') - as a "basic melody" and inspired by the 30 articles of the UN Convention on Human Rights.

The composition, conceived as a circle of life, uses the sound language of a chamber orchestra, expanded by a percussion ensemble and piano, to explore the basic processes and tensions of being human in a nuanced, forceful and powerful way: Birth (1), basic needs (2), freedom (3), equality (4), brotherhood (5), love (6), home (7), protection (8), work (9), recreation (10), creativity (11), community (12) and death (13). The respective opposites and tensions also resonate: Freedom and unfreedom, protection and defencelessness, equality and inequality, or as another central theme that concerns and touches every human being: home and foreign.

HUMAN music is moving - and also wants to move in the literal sense: "Because the essentials of UN human rights really have to 'move' everyone, so that they can become an attitude of their own and also really be lived. That is why I have also always had HUMAN music in dance, especially in community dance, in mind." (Helge Burggrabe)

The HUMAN Community Dance performances at the Bremen Theatre and the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels (summer 2021), directed by the international team of choreographers led by Wilfried van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt, demonstrated how that can be possible (cf. film of the premiere). Starting in Bremen and Brussels, they realize numerous HUMAN school projects with their concept "Five days to dance".

If many people get involved, great things can happen!

Conductors, orchestras, dance companies, teachers, initiatives ... are also warmly invited to join in with HUMAN Music and to set expressive accents with HUMAN music and ideas. Selected ideas and tips can be found here.

An application is not necessary.

Of course we are happy to receive information about your HUMAN initiatives and HUMAN projects and will gladly publish them on the website.

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Grand HUMAN School Project at the Lessingtheater Wolfenbüttel
Erste gemeinsame Probe
For the first time, around 100 students met on the Lessing Theatre's studio stage on 7 March 2023. Beforehand, each group had chosen a theme from the HUMAN Suite and presented it in class.
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The premiere is the day after tomorrow!

On Saturday, choreographer Bryan Arias and the Leipzig Ballet will present a completely new, poetic version of Antoine Saint-Exupéry's work.

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